Three Asian American leaders talk about what got them to the White House – LA Times

Tanzila Ahmed, Jason Fong and Jenny Yang are Los Angeles recipients of the award. (Jenny Yang)

By Dexter Thomas

Today, 10 people were honored by the White House as “Champions of Change for Asian American and Pacific Islander Art and Storytelling.”

Among them are three Angelenos – Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed, an activist and host of the Good Muslim Bad Muslim podcast, Jenny Yang, a writer and stand-up comedian, and Jason Fong, a high school student and creator of the #MyAsianAmericanStory hashtag. They’re all from fairly different backgrounds, and I wanted to know what drove them to do work in their communities. So, I got them on a conference call.

We had a conversation about comedy, working with other communities, why they care about whitewashing in Hollywood, being “woke,” and the Peter Liang trial.

Below is our conversation, lightly edited for clarity. Read more..



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